Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last Friday, not this past Friday, but the Friday before (before the Strep epidemic ambushed our house), we took off to the Greenbelt for a little afternoon run.

The Greenbelt section we were on is roughly 5 miles from end to end. And No, we didn't attempt it nor did the thought cross our minds. That's a long way to go and no way were we motivated (or physically conditioned) to do the whole out and back, but little legs moving fast cover a lot of ground. And If you take the length of the legs by the distance of the step as ratio to the measurement of the terrain covered, then you get....ummmm, you get 4 tired people who all got sick 3 days later....but we did see some ducks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Perspective of a 3 Year Old

Earlier today while her sibling was taking a very quiet and peaceful nap, Keely requested several hundred times to hold the camera (could have been a thousand times, I really don't know). Here are a few selections from the new photog:

Poor Mox, chased for nearly 30 minutes to obtain the perfect butt shot. I like to believe Keely was trying to get a shot of the tail and was hoping for the perfect lighting...

I do admit that if I had to climb something that high several times a day, I would want a picture of it too.

'Action Shot'. Taken while spinning in a circle.

Who hasn't tried to get a self-portrait? I believe it's in human DNA.

The Test: This is a close up picture of a cartoon that was on during the photo shoot. Can you tell me the name of the cartoon? and bonus points for the character name.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Puddin' Time

Who doesn't love good ol' nana puddin?

"Give us something good to eat...something that's good on the gums and teeth"

Thanks Nannie

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here is the snow-covered house....BBBRRRRR!!!!

And the snow covered Mommy and Laney.....

Of course, Keely was smart and hid in the playhouse to stay warm!!

Not Lulu...she must have made 100 snowballs with Daddy!
...and then, some fun on the sled with Daddy!!!

And then we all came in and had some hot chocolate to warm up!