Monday, October 19, 2009

Boat Captains

Here are a few pix of the girls from our visit to Mooresville last weekend.
The girls got to take turns driving Pop-Pop and GramB's boat on Lake Norman.
They LOVED it!

Keely didn't quite understand why she had to wear a life jacket. Pop-Pop tried to explain to her that she can't swim and the life jacket would help her float on top of the water if she fell in. She patiently responded, "But my daddy can swim!" So cute how Daddy is clearly her hero!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


[Since we are on a quarterly posting schedule, I figured I'd go ahead and update the blog before we move to a semi-annual posting schedule.]

On the way back from Mooresville this past weekend, we made a pit stop at one my favorite spots. I had been wanting to get all the ladies up there, but was little hesitant on Laney's hiking ability as well as my ability as her personal pack mule. It was worth's a few pix.