Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Visit From Aunt Les

Last week, we had a short visit from a super close friend of ours from Indiana. Aunt Les was here for 2 days and we felt obligated to show her EVERYTHING that Kingsport has to offer. This made for a busy, but quite fun, visit! First, we started with "Open Gym" at our local gymnastics place. I think that Aunt Les had more fun on the trampoline and in the foam pit than the girls!
Then it was time for some outside playtime (tickling) at Castle Morris....

..followed by a visit to Pals, a popular local hamburger joint, with the BEST sweet tea in the world! (Laney and Keely love their sweet tea...)

After naptime for Lulu, a challenge after all that sweet tea, we were off to Bays Mountain to see some animals. It was the first time ALL the animals were awake and easy to see, including the wolves and the river otters! Then, a stop at Nannie and Papa Lee's house turned into a dinner visit so that Keely could "finish" her nap!

We ended our Tour De Kingsport at Discovery Ice Cream, a cute downtown ice cream shop, where the girls put in a token and get "ice cream from a robot". This place just so happens to have the BEST cake batter ice cream on the planet! Then, we took our ice cream out into the downtown streets for "Bluegrass on Broadway", where the kids showed Aunt Les how to cut a rug! It was so much fun to have such a great friend share some of our favorite places with us! Come back soon, Les! We love you!

.....Of course, that was last week, before Laney got pneumonia! We have since been stuck at home with a very miserable child! Fun times!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beach Ball Challenge Respsonse.

Dear Nicholson 5:
Our Champion has been chosen.
After a few days (or minutes) of trials, one athlete stood out above others and natural ability prevailed.
Training is expected to begin this week between episodes of barney and chasing the dogs. Training will include balancing on the couch, bouncing on daddy's stomach(hopefully avoiding incidental injury to the old man), jumping over toys, falling off the 'big ball', laughing uncontrollably, and screaming loudly and without reason as often as possible.
To fully prepare for the Beach Ball Challenge, a steady diet of macaroni & cheese, some chicken & french fries, as well as several cups of applie juice a day will complete the needed nutritional requirements.

Since concrete ponds are limited in East TN, we will be utilizing our top secret "Tiger Training" facility.
Team Morris officially accepts the Nicholson Beach Ball Challenge.
We look forward to the competition (no old people allowed),

Coach Keely

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little Sister's Revenge

"Don't mess with the bull, you'll get the horns"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Team Whine-O

Well, after a few days solving a slightly major computer metldown and getting the new one set up, we're back.
This is an important week, as we kick off start of training for the St. Jude Marathon.
Back again, is Team Whine-O, now 4 strong and recruiting more. Everyone is welcome. Only requirement is a willingness to suffer and team membership comes with all the whine you can stand.
Since we're in the "Why" phase with Keely, I've find myself asking why more
often. So, why do we do it? In true form to most answers of Keely's questions; "I don't know". It must be the shiny metal at the finish line.
Quote of the day:
"I decided to go for a little run." - Forrest Gump

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Jay!

We made a day trip to Winston-Salem for Jay's (second cousin to Keely and Laney) 4th Birthday Pirate party. Here are a few pictures:

Some new 'boy' toys to play with;

A little Pirate treasure hunt;

Some musical entertainment;

and a picture with Great Grandma Parker (holding the newest great grandchild: Prakash)!